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Certififed energy audits


On-site walk through

The primary level of audit involves a walk around at facility, identifying the major thermal energy users and types of demand and supplies. This involves bringing the management team and staff on board to identify major areas of possible energy conservation resulting in reduction of fuel bills

Data collection

This stage includes collecting old recorded data from data-loggers and real-time data using sensors, thermal equipment like temperature gun/ contact thermometer to measure equipment temperature, flue gas analyzers to record flue gas temperature and constitution, ultrasonic flowmeter to measure massflow and power analyzers to record electrical parameters.

Analysis & benchmarking

The data collected is used for the comprehensive analysis where thermal mass balance study is done. In benchmarking, a comparison study of the actual energy consumption against best in the industry values is done. The comparison study drives the energy conservation proposals and the necessary steam system design.

Energy conservation proposals

With our steam expertise, we identify opportunities of improvement, uncover inefficiencies & reveal the root cause of any current or potential issue. The energy audit report containing cost savings statement and payback period is provided.

Designing/ fabrication/ installation of steam systems

We, at Custom Steam Solutions will provide you the optimum design of steam system along with its fabrication and commissioning at your facility.


The implemented energy conservation proposals and steam systems are continuously monitored for maximum solution effectiveness and customer satisfaction.